Teacher Jitters

first day jitters

I know.

You can’t sleep.

Just worried that you don’t have enough planned for tomorrow.

Or that your alarm won’t go off.

How are the students going to be this year?

Like Kendrick says, “we gon’ be alright!”


That night before the first day back to school for teachers is always a jagged one. Those last fleeting days of summer, ripe with nothingness and absolute autonomy, have come crashing to an end all too quick. Veteran teachers share stories about the “teacher dreams” that they have the nights leading up to the first day back. Visions of terrorizing students screaming obsententies the minute you walk through the door and every single class management strategy leading absolutely nowhere. Maybe you’ve had some of your own?

No wonder why going to sleep the night before the first day back is a challenge.

I have never really had any of these aforementioned “teacher dreams” the night before. Well none that I can vividly recall. But I do remember having teacher jitters the night before the first day of school. I would gear myself up during those nights leading up to the start of the school year by watching inspirational videos about the teacher’s worth as well as videos that offered wisdom and guidance for those in this oddly comforting profession. These videos got me to sleep in the days leading up to the school year. They indeed helped. I am sure each teacher finds their own routine and magic soother to get prepared for that first day back to school. Whatever it is, there are only two things to remember about your teacher jitters:

1) It will never be as bad as it seems


2) the first day always flies by.




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