Donald Trump is like that one Teacher…

It started off as a joke. Donald Trump running for the presidency. Over the last month, it is beginning to feel like a nightmare. The Trump run has unveiled some of the racist underpinnings that are still so prevalent amongst many Americans. As I watch some of the news unfolding around the presidential race, the riots, the slanderous discourse that this crop of political candidates have slipped into, I can’t help but to think of all those countries that America has rushed to save due to said country’s lack of an objective democratic institution and how close America is getting to that. In a few months, if Donald Trump does actually win, I won’t even know what to think.

As the current spectacle that the political candidacy race has shown us, it is not so much about the politics as it is about the person. That is why I firmly believe that Barack Obama simply becoming president will, in the long run, be equally as beneficial as any policy he has (or could have) changed. On a Barack side note, much like the movie industry or the music one, we don’t really know exactly what goes on behind closed doors and in the inner circles of politics. So we must take our opinions and the opinions of others with discretion.

But we all know who Donald Trump is and what he really stands for. That is why, for certain people, he has unwavering support. I will admit, I am not into politics, but to me it seems his chief objective is kicking out immigrants and walling up America. He claims that the 1 million dollars he received from his father was a “modest sum”. With that type of understanding, how is he going to correct America’s ills?

Donald Trump is like that teacher who lives out in the suburbs and comes to teach in the inner city claiming to want to make a difference. And the way he seeks out to make that difference is by telling his students to change their ways. No understanding whatsoever. That teacher who instills an idea that best way to teach is by forcing “less privileged” students to adapt and adopt. No attempt to listen to needs, no attempt to care. Donald Trump is that type of teacher who does not have compassion for you unless you look, talk, and act like him.

But our communities are filled with students who are not privy to that upper class lifestyle. So how will they internalize a figure like Donald Trump if he becomes president? Sure Barack may have also come from a middle to upper class background, but Barry O shows compassion. He shows understanding. And it is not a race thing either. Donald Trump represents where this culture of airbrushed pictures, selfies, and celebrity-at-all-costs has taken us. Teachers, like Presidents, have the power to persuade individuals, communities, and a collective. However, Presidents carry a lot more weight in that regard. Thus, no matter which way you flip it, seeing Donald Trump in the Oval Office would represent a travesty to our future and to the supposed “American Dream” that some of our children still believe in. A dream that has slightly been restored since Barack took office eight years ago. Hopefully, we will not have to spend the next four years alleviating the psychic damages that many of our students would undoubtably experience if Donald Trump becomes President. We have enough Donald Trump-like teachers that are already perpetuating that type of nonsense.


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Matthew R. Morris

Educator, Speaker, Writer

Matthew R. Morris is a writer, speaker, and elementary educator in Toronto. He has an M.A. in Social Justice Education from OISE at the University of Toronto and is the author of the forthcoming book, Black Boys Like Me. 

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